What is gurucargo.com?

gurucargo.com is an online platform that allows you to request quotes to your sea, land and air shipment, allowing you to access the most competitive offers with only one click, and thus guaranteeing results that you never imagined, adding value to your company's logistics.

Who can register?

Importers and exporters that seek to obtain quotes optimization to their international shipments, finding the best offers and service all in one place.

How does gurucargo.com works?

Once the registration process is complete, our team will contact you to learn more about your company in order to guarantee the best and most professional possible service. Once the account is activated, you will be able to access to a platform made specially for you and easy to use. Once you enter to the platform you will be guided so that you can request your sea, land and air quotes. You will have to fill the mandatory fields such as origin and final destination of the cargo, type of good, and other details required for each type of shipment. You can add more information for a proper quotation by filling the complementary fields. Before the process is over, you will have to define how much time will the providers have to answer to the request. If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact your account executive who will be happy to assist you.

What are the costs of working with gurucargo.com?

gurucargo.com is completely free for importers and exporters. The commission is charged to the provider for each closed deal in the platform.

Why gurucargo.com provides the best offer for your shipment?

The promotion of a professional and competitive environment between the market’s best providers generates a reduction of the market’s prices. This way, the providers propose their best offer, that includes not only the freight’s price, but also other variables as type of service, transit time, or their own rating, among others. Due to its innovative and effective character, gurucargo.com is the first tool that aims to democratize the market .

What type of loads can I quote through the platform?

Through gurucargo.com, you can request quotes for your international maritime shipments of full and consolidated loads, air cargo with volumes higher than 1 CBM or 220 lb, and ground transportation for full or consolidated consignments.

What advantages do I have for soliciting quotes through gurucargo.com?

With gurucargo.com, you no longer have to waste time consulting through phone and email and receiving offers in all sorts of formats. The prices in the market oscillate quickly and significantly. With gurucargo.com, you will be able to have access to the opportunities created by the market, and find the most cost-effective way of managing your cargo. We propose a simple, streamlined solution -- with no cost -- through access to an innovative network of providers that is safe, user-friendly, and will allow you to save money and save time. We are creating an economic environment that is innovative, transparent and professional.

Who will see my requests?

Your quotes are maintained private within the network of providers in your country of origin. The providers that receive the proposal will be able to see who the company that applied for it is and what transportation details they requested, which will then allow you to receive the most competitive quotes on the market.

Can I do a test-run to see how the system works?

In gurucargo.com we have FCL rates for the main traffics for import and export. If the user is in a stage that needs to project costs in order to evaluate the viability of an import or an export, without the certainty of making the deal, it is not necessary to make a formal request. In these cases the information will be provided by your account manager. If the intention is to make the shipment, we invite you to request the quote through the platform. Remember, your activity in the platform, will be seen by the providers, so the more shipments closed in the platform the better deals you will receive.

I want to confirm an order, how do I go about that?

Once the bidding period you indicated finishes, we invite you to check the results. You will select the best quote offered to you, based on the factors you consider most important, like price, qualification of the provider, shipping time, etc. After you choose which offer best suits your preferences, you will click “Load" and the and our team will contact you to start the coordination.

What is gurucargo.com's role and responsibility in the agreements between the parties?

gurucargo.com guarantees the quotes and service that were informed in the platform.

How and when can I communicate with the gurucargo.com team?

You can communicate with our team directly through the contact numbers from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm. Alternatively, you can send your inquiry to your account executive or we can be reached via email at info@gurucargo.com at any time and will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.